Jack Seaton Easter Egg Hunt in Lake Country, BC
Lake Country easter egg HuntIt was chaos like I have never witnessed before, hundreds of barbarians waiting for the countdown 3.. 2.. the mad dash was off. I was barely able to prevent being trampled by what seemed like thousands of rushing little feet. There was not a safe place to hide, the screaming and yelling was tearing through my ears, I grab my camera to record this once a year phenomenon called the Jack Seaton Easter Egg Hunt. In my five years of volunteering at this event this had to be one of the largest if not the largest year for participants. The official count was 900 Kids 4500 eggs.
A great job by all the volunteers from GESS, Lake Country Fire Dept and the dedicated team of Lake Country Lions that served up almost 1000 hotdogs.
Join the hundreds of families that take on the great easter bunny in the mad quest to find one of the golden eggs. Show up early to get the best spot in the crowd. The hunt is held every year on Good Friday.
Don't forget to support the Lake Country Winfield Lions Club who are selling a hot dog and a juice for only a buck!.
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